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The Golfer's Guide to Personal Finance

Winning Ugly in Golf and Finance

“Good golfers, I think, have to get over the notion that they only want to win by hitting perfect shots. They have to learn to enjoy winning ugly. And that entails acceptance of all the shots they hit, not just the good ones.”  – Bob Rotella, “Golf is Not... read more

Investing’s “Handicap System”

The handicap system in golf is one of the most unique things in all of sports, allowing golfers of all talents and skill levels – pros and amateurs alike – to compete on a level playing field on any given day. Using the system, a bogey golfer is awarded enough... read more

Why You Need a Strategy

Just about every golfer would like to improve their game. Who doesn’t? Your typical weekend duffer wakes up on a Saturday morning to meet his buddies on the first tee with little trace of a game plan for the day. He says, “Ahh I don’t need a strategy... read more